Empowering our students to empower society or humanity especially the socially and economically marginalized, creating a “Civilisation of Love ”


1. To promote value-based education.
2. To contribute to the transformation of society by being socially conscious and socially responsible.
3. To enlighten our students specifically girls / women and the less privileged regarding their basic human rights .
4. To promote inter-cultural and inter-religious harmony and concern for the human welfare.
5. To facilitate leadership among the students enabling them to pro-actively involve themselves in social liberation.
6. To provide quality, integral and vocational training and create a climate for human and educational excellence.
7. To equip the staff and students with the latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and make them adapt at the digital world.
8. To work towards the gender sensitivity.
9. To work towards the integrity of creation and foster interconnectedness, kinship and eco justice.
10. To motivate the young students to contribute to nation-building especially through Research and Development.