Principal's Message

Education has become very expensive and challenging in the context of growing technology and social thinking of people. There is a rat race among the educated for obtaining employment. The expectations of the employers are quite high. Hence, educational institutions have a greater responsibility to prepare students with adequate employability skills in the global context. Moreover, in the changing world, there is a definite need towards empowering women through education; because when a man is educated, only he is educated; but, when a woman is educated, the entire gets educated. The Sacred Heart Arts and Science College, Perani, a unit of CSST aims at fulfilling its social responsibility by providing less expensive and more quality education to the women folk. Thus, they become empowered to enlighten. This is made possible with a band of qualified teachers who serve the students of our college with a sense of dedication and determination. Moral classes are blended with the prescribed syllabus to provide value based education to the women youth. Thus, we, the college community comprising the management, staff and students, strive to render our part in converting the dreams of our great leaders into reality, viz, making India a super power.