Department of Physics


To build a foundation for excellence and encourage the development of the institution as a premier institution by ignition a promoting enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of physics, in professional courses, as a part of curriculum.


To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical physics, through dedication to teach, commitment towards students and innovative instructional methods.
To support the developmental activities of the college and make the department vibrant.
To make vital contribution in area such as faculty, modern labs, and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of physics.
To develop strategy in the department for continuous improvement.

Welcome to  Physics department

  To department of physics was established in 2019 to provide Education, to import knowledge and to promote research and Extension activities. Since its inception, it has grown to great heights rendering valuable service to the student community. The department provides basic physics foundation through lectures and laboratory courses to the students of the B.Sc programme. This program trains future physicists with hands-on Experience on pure science and skill based knowledge in addition to offering them a relevant physics curricula.
The department offers add on courses titled crystal growth and Nanomaterial.