History Of College

Silhouetted against the azure sky with open arms of welcome, on the strategic NH45, connecting Chennai with Pondicherry, stands Sacred Heart Convent A.I.Hr.Sec.School, Villupuram – a eighty year old CSST legacy of knowledge and virtue. In 1887, the Foundress of the Institution, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, a native of Chennai was commissioned to start a congregation of Carmelite sisters in Ernakulam, Kerala. The ministries of the congregation were confined to the state of Kerala until 1938, when a proposal was mooted by Dr. Colas, Bishop of Pondicherry to begin a school in Villupuram for its large catholic Anglo-Indian community. Mother Mary, the then Superior General condescended and out of the sylvan environs of emerald Ernakulam, ventured the pioneer quartet, Mother Rita, Srs. Benigna, Hyacinth and Celestine on their maiden journey to Villupuram, to start Sacred Heart School.

The founding sisters from St. Teresa’s convent Ernakulam initiated their apostolate of Primary Education with 28 pupils and had no ambition for expansion. Mother Lydia, who took over the mantle, was filled with a keen desire to foster development and upgrade the school to a High School, start a Teacher Training College and even a college for Arts and Science. The idea was ridiculed and discouraged by the community because of the utter poverty that they had to combat. However the dream took shape with the next generation sisters like Sr. Miriam Therese with whom she shared her vision.

In the year 1998, Mother Lydia left to the eternal abode. Yet the spirit of developing the institution pervaded the sisters, especially Sr. Hildegarde. With her guidance the school grew to three sections which have become five now and the school has evolved into a Higher Secondary with more than 3000 pupils at present. Sacred Heart is also the springboard of the CSST institutions because many CSST institutions have sprung in many parts of Tamil Nadu from here.

In the year 1998, Mother Lydia left to the eternal abode. Yet the spirit of developing the institution pervaded the sisters, especially Sr. Hildegarde. With her guidance the school grew to three sections which have become five now and the school has evolved into a Higher Secondary with more than 3000 pupils at present. Sacred Heart is also the springboard of the CSST institutions because many CSST institutions have sprung in many parts of Tamil Nadu from here.

The long cherished dream of the sisters and the successive provincial teams of Tamil Nadu Province thus came into a concrete reality in a small village of Villupuram district named Perani. The name of the village signifies a huge crowd of people living together. It is at the other end of the cluster of eight small villages stretched out as hundreds of acres of cultivable land mostly lying fallow. The land under the ownership of our province is about 41 acres vast spread out agricultural land with lush green grass, with cultivation of paddy, casuarina trees, vegetables and other greens. It is mesmerising to feel the cool breeze of the cattle grazing land with beautiful view of the bright rising sun in the wee hours of the day and red crimson sky at the shade of sunset .The solitude of the wild woods and low land on one side and the hush noisy Chennai National high way where the fleeting vehicles take their forward momentum at a flying speed strikes a balance between stillness and busyness.

Charged with enthusiasm and hope, the villagers celebrate the presence of CSSTs as the harbinger of higher education in this isolated agricultural village. Rooted in the charism of our Saintly Foundress Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima , the CSSTs of TamilNadu Province embark on a greater mission of giving quality education to the women in the periphery of the society.

We remember with gratitude and love the relentless effort made by Srs. Gloria , Jyothi , Sarguna and Britto, the former Provincials, for their contribution of visionary ideas in its initial stages and offering the preparatory enquiries of acquiring the land for the purpose of building the college at Perani. It is their silent prayers, and support that made the project  realize the dream of the province to what it is today.


In the Provincial Chapter 2014, it was unanimously decided to start an Arts and Science College in Tamilnadu in line with Kerala and Karnataka CSSTs administering Colleges for women. It is also evident that God has set His heart to bless the desires of the CSSTs since the bishop of Pondicherrry, Cuddalore-Rt. Rev. Antony Anandarayar DD, invited us – the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST) to begin a College in his Archdiocese as it was a request and a great demand from the public. At this time the Province was fortunate to purchase 41 acres of land at Perani with the help of the funds mobilised from various sources especially from the educational institutions of the province. Hearts are raised in gratitude for the generosity and good will of the Sisters specially the Principals, Animators and H.Ms of this province. We cannot forget the financial support from the Centre without which the project would not have been realized at the earliest.


The foundation stone for the college was laid on 17th November 2015 by Sr. Chris , CSST Superior General in the presence of Sr. Gloria , the General Councillor for Education and Sr. Britto ,the Provincial Superior and her supportive team. Other dignitaries from outside and some CSST sisters also were present to witness this historical event. The Minority Status Certificate from the Government of Tamil Nadu was obtained on 31st August 2017 which was a pre requisite for granting University Affiliation. The blessing of the new building was done on 16th September 2017 by Rev. Fr. Chinnappa , the Parish Priest of Sagaya Madha Church, Vikravandi. The Affiliation Inspection Committee constituted by the Thiruvalluvar University, visited the college for officially granting the university affiliation on 18th September 2017. The formal inauguration of the college was held on 22nd October 2017 in the presence of His Grace Most Rev. Msgr. Antony Anandarayar, the Archbishop of Pondichery- Cuddalore, Sr. Chris , the Superior General, Sr. Britto , the Provincial Superior, other dignitaries of the local administration, priests from the archdiocese and religious institutions , sisters of CSST and other neighbouring Religious institutions and educational institutions. A cultural programme set up by the local CSST Schools added to the joy and zest of the occasion. The VIPs were honoured and given lunch together with all the guests. Sr. Mangalam, along with the support of the animators and sisters of the neighboring convents took up the responsibility of celebrating this event on a grand scale.


Dr.Sr. Teresa CSST from Kerala Province ( former principal of St. Teresa’s College, Autonomous) was appointed as the first Principal of the College. The appointment order as the Principal was received from the University by the College on 9th January 2018 w.e.f 20/09/2017. The University Affiliation Order with Letter No. TU/R/Affiliation/New /A&S College/2017-18/9977-A was received on 28/11/2017 from the University Registrar after the University Syndicate approval. Affiliation from Thiruvalluvar University was granted, since the report of the Commission was commendable. Qualified Teaching and Non-Teaching staff were appointed including Sisters, Sr. Juan and Sr. Vasantha. The College building has 40 rooms including laboratories and library. A staff Sisters’ residence with ten rooms is under construction. Located in the lap of nature, Sacred Heart College of Arts & Science is surrounded by fields and has close access to the National Highways, bus stop, railway station, Veedur dam, Medical College, engineering and nursing colleges and schools including St. Mary’s Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Vikravandi-a sister Institution of Sacred Heart Arts and Science College. The college is an extension of the higher secondary schools of CSST sisters of Villuppuram District. Eighty years of educational service in the State of Tamil Nadu, CSSTs could make a lasting imprint of quality , perfection and excellence in the field of education in the hearts of the people of the State . The well placed alumnae all over the world is a clear evidence to this magnificent missionary work of CSSTs in this field .

The educational endeavour at Sacred Heart is value based with a resolute commitment to mould students into mature, well-balanced, caring, God fearing, responsible citizens capable of ushering in a society of peace and goodwill. The Management and staff merge as a complementary work force with a vibrant work culture. Unfailingly standing by the ideals of the CSST Foundress, the institution aspires to mould individuals, fairly empowering them to meet the challenges of the changing times and the new millennium.

Almost a century back, our Foundress had crossed Villupuram on her journeys to the west and east of the peninsula, and perhaps wherever she tread is turning fertile ground for the mission! The Sacred Heart Arts and Science College at Perani is a dream realised with great expectations to share our vision about higher education in a fast growing modern society. May the Spirit and Charism of our Mother Foundress and the guidance of the Holy Spirit be with us in our journey of faith forward.


Sacred Heart Arts and Science College envisions life oriented education that empower woman through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and our trust is in the creation of a civilization of love as envisaged and promoted by our Mother Foundress, Mother Teresa of St.Rose of Lima .


  • To promote a college community/society or/ nation where spiritual, moral and genuine values are lived and witnessed
  • To create a climate for human and academic excellence with an openness to learning, research and the development of professional skills
  • To promote peace and harmony through an intercultural and inter religious dialogue
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through openness to life and living the challenges of being socially conscious and fostering interconnectedness, kinship and eco justice