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MOTTO: Empowered to be instruments of Transformation.

VISION: The Alumni Association of the Sacred Heart Arts and Science College to transform the Society .

  • Be the torch bearers of the values learned in the college to transform the society
  • Be empowered in all possible walks of life to empower others
  • Constantly strive to lift up down trod and neglected sections of the society at our immediate vicinity at first and father regions of the state and the nation at large.
  • MISSION: In fulfilment of the above vision the SHASC will endowed to:

  • ¬†Nuture and practice the values of life learned in the campus in the fields of employment in order to enlighten the immediate society this leading to the transformed society at large field with peace, love and justice
  • Organize alumni gatherings every six months to stay connected with alma mater so that continuously re-change to empower other
  • Be in constant touch with college authorities to provide financial and personal assistance for the infrastructural and academic update and also student upliftment.
  • Be in close association the college placement cell arranging campus interview does helping students find suitable employment