Department of Zoology


The goal is to provide academic leadership in the field of zoology and to carry out world-class quality research while maintaining the quality of teaching at both UG and PG levels, ensuring high academic performance of students empowered by entrepreneurial and industrial skills, as well as enlightened by research avenues.


Our mission is to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience in a supportive and caring environment in line with our vision, by being facilitators to link knowledge with field application and inculcate research culture by acting as role models with academic and research excellence.

About the Department

Zoology is understandable to all. Zoologists seek to discover the fundamental principles that pinpoint animal life including humanbeing, focusing on the diversity, function and evolution of animals and thus providing the scientific basis for our knowledge regarding the life style, physiology, diseases and their curative measure in the natural environment by conducting research insects to mammalian cells.

In our college, the Zoology Department was established in 2019. The department is provided with well equipped laboratory instruments. The faculty of the department are committed and transformed with full competence. The department conducts the students in various skill-realized classes.


To provide a strong foundation for the concepts of structure, function and behavior of animals.

Provide practical skills and knowledge of applied zoological aspects that can pave the way for opportunities for self-employment in aquaculture, apiculture, vermiculture & sericulture.

To provide a strong basis for a better understanding of current advances and their practical application in zoology.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are inculcated to allow students to pursue higher studies and research in life sciences or related zoology fields.

To bringing out the entrepreneur in our students, promoting the right attitude and giving them a platform and opportunity.

To create awareness on the environment.